Each time a new iOS is dropped, everyone gets very excited. There are always early rumors about what will be included in each iOS update, and people love to speculate about the possible improvements that might be coming their way.

Apple confirms many of the chances that they are planning to make to their operating system somewhat in advance of its release. This means that those with iPhones are ready and excited to see what the new iOS performs like as soon as it drops. If you have an iPhone, you might be wondering what features you can hope for your phone to have access to as soon as iOS 17 is released in September of 2023.


New iOS Features for iOS 17


1.       Customized Contact Posters

This improvement is one of the many upgrades that are intended to refresh and improve the iPhone app side of things. This change will allow you to use your Memoji to customize your profile, and this special identifier will show up when people who have made this change call or text. You will also be able to link these posters to other third-party apps for easy information sharing between friends and yourself.


2.       Live Voicemail

This cool feature will allow for a real-time transcription of voicemail messages that will show up on the lock screen as someone is leaving a message. People of the right age remember how easy it was to grab the phone when someone you wanted to talk to started to leave a message on your answering machine. This is the same kind of idea, only streamlined and much more modern.


3.       NameDrop

If you use AirDrop a lot, you will love that you can now bring your iPhone near another iPhone device and share contact information. This handy feature will make meeting new people easier than ever. You can also bring your phones close together to initiate a SharePlay experience where you can share music, watch a movie, or play a game together. There is also work being done to allow AirDrop to send large files through proximity sharing.


4.       FaceTime Improvements

When you want to talk to someone on FaceTime, you will now be able to leave a video recording or audio message when someone doesn’t pick up the phone. You can also use reactions inside of these calls now, and effects are activated through gestures or can be accessed through third-party apps as well.

Features of IOS 17


5.       Message App Improvements

There has been a need to clean up and improve the messaging app for some time, and iOS17 will handle all the requests of users with regard to this part of the operating system. You can now find the camera tucked into a “+” button which will also give you access to Apple Cash, Audio Messages, and more. You will enjoy an updated stickers option, and you will find that the entire messaging interface is much easier to use and easier to read.


6.       Link to Apple Tv 4K

If you want to display FaceTime video on a larger screen like your TV, you can now link your phone to Apple TV 4K to do so. You will benefit from access to all the usual FaceTime features and functions as well while you are displaying the call on a larger screen.


7.       Emoji Characters Are Stickers

If you love your emoji character and want to use them more often, you can! All emojis will not be stickers, and you can use them in live photos, turn them into animated stickers, or add special effects to them, like glitter or different colors.


8.       Search Filters Are Improved

If you have ever been frustrated trying to find something in the messages app by searching with keywords, you are in luck! This function works better than ever in the new iOS, and you will have no trouble searching for various keywords all at once to find messages and information that is buried in your older text conversations. Text messages are now transcribed automatically so they can be read right at the time that they are sent.


9.       Check-In and Location Sharing

If you want to be able to share your location immediately and watch it update in real time, then this new feature is perfect for your needs. You can also use Check-In with the same feature so that your family and friends know when you are safe and sound or have arrived at a new destination. You don’t have to send this message yourself, Check In will do it automatically for you so you don’t forget.

IOS 17 features


10.   Improved Autocorrect

It was well past time for an improved autocorrect function which helps you to access the support of a new machine learning model. This helps better predict what you should say, and it can let you autofill entire sentences by just pressing the spacebar. This tool also helps correct mistakes much more readily with a simple tap. Speech recognition was also improved and beefed up to make sure that you can say what you need to say even when you don’t have two hands to text with.

what features will IOS 17 have?


The New iOS Delivers Big Results

There are so many things to love about the new iOS that is about to be released. You will love all of the long-overdue updates to phone performance that has needed to happen and have been promised for years. It is also going to be lots of fun for iPhone users to try out the improved contact card, the new Check-In feature, and the option to cast your FaceTime calls to other screens. There are even more benefits to the new iOS 17 that have not been discussed here.

If you have gotten used to iOS updates that just have a few key improvements to offer, iOS17 will make you very happy. There have been a few updates that were as comprehensive as this one, and you will enjoy updates to many of your phone’s systems, features, and functions.

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