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Service: All Devices (Blacklist Check - Pro)

Sample Results:

Model: Apple iPhone XR (A1984)
Manufacturer: Apple Inc
Blacklist Status: BLACKLISTED
Blacklist Records: 1
Blacklisted by: Sprint
Blacklisted on: 2020-03-19 06:29:55
Blacklisted Country: United States
Your IMEI check results will be provided to you in full. Consequently, the data are 100% accurate since they come directly from the manufacturer's or carrier's databases.

This is a CHECK service only, not an unlocking service. You must submit your IMEI to an unlock service to have your device unlocked.

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If you have gotten a new cellphone or you are thinking of buying one, you need to know what to do to check that the phone is not stolen. Phones that have been marked lost or stolen are blacklisted and cannot be used to make calls and cannot utilize data. You will want to be sure that you are looking into this potential issue before you choose to buy a phone.

If you have some phones that have been sitting in the cupboard or a drawer that you want to sell or use, you might want to check on the locked or unlocked status of these phones as well as the blacklist status. The full status of your phone can be provided with these checks, which offer a lot of added information beyond the blacklist information.

Use IMEI Number to Check Phone Blacklist Status

The IMEI number that is assigned to every phone is unique to that phone. This is how the phone is identified, and it is also how the phone is marked as lost or stolen on the national database. This is information that the carrier provides, along with the other details related to the phone’s manufacture date, owner, and SIM lock status.

An IMEI checker is helpful if you are going to get a new phone that has been used by someone else or if you are trying to decide if you can use a phone that you already have but have not been connecting to data. You might want to use the blacklist full status to determine if the phone can be connected to data and be used to make calls.

What is the Blacklist Status of Phones?

The blacklist status for phones is based on a report from the cellphone carrier that a phone was lost or stolen. This happens when someone reports this status to their cellphone carrier, and these phones are then blocked so that they cannot be used. This is to prevent them from being sold again or used by the thief who took them.

The blacklist is national, which means that the information that you get from the IMEI check and blacklist check that you do will be 100% accurate. You will want to know if the phone that you are looking at is blacklisted so that you can avoid buying it or so that you can reach out to your carrier to have it unblocked if the phone is not actually stolen.

Blacklisted phones cannot be sold to be used as cellphone devices but can be sold to parts dealers. If you own the phone and have incorrectly flagged it as lost or stolen, then you can reach out to your carrier to have your phone removed from the list.

What Other Information is in the Blacklist Status Check?

There is a full range of information in the blacklist check that you can use for other purposes as well. You will be able to find out where the phone was blacklisted. You will also know when the status was changed to blacklist and which carrier reported the blacklisted status. The manufacturer is also listed as the model of the phone. There might be more than one blacklist record as well, so they are numbered in the report that you receive.

Unlike the IMEI check, you will not be able to see the serial number, the age of the unit, the purchase date, and the activation information for the carrier policy. This information is not going to be included in the information that is pulled from the blacklist since the phone is blocked.

There is still a surprising amount of information in the blacklist report, which is why this can be a big help to you if you are looking at a used phone for purchase. You might also want to find out why a phone that you currently own is not able to be connected to data. Blacklisting can be why this is the case, and sometimes people have forgotten that they reported the status change for a phone that they thought they lost.

Thankfully, if you owned the phone already and were the one who bought it from the carrier, you can easily change the status. If you have found yourself with a blacklist report in hand when you inquire about the phone’s status, you will need to look into ways to dispose of the phone without trying to sell it as a device that can be used for calls. It is not legal to sell blacklisted phones, and you should make sure that you reach out to the carrier to try and get the phone back to the original owner.

Getting a Full Phone Blacklist Report Matters

You will want to have the full blacklist report in hand or you will not be able to determine what is best to do with the phone. You might not be sure what carrier the phone was registered with, and therefore, you cannot send the phone back to anyone to get it back to the owner. You might also want to know more about when the status of the phone changed if you think that you yourself reported the status in error.

The full blacklist report can be offered to you from a quality full report service. You do not want to guess about the nature of the report since it is important to be able to trust what you have been told. Working with the right tools to get a blacklist report is critical, which is why this list will help you to get the best report for your needs.

You should never assume that you can just buy a phone from someone else and use it right away. Running a blacklist report is important for this reason and getting a full report is also key if you want to be sure that you will be able to use the phone you are buying for its intended purpose.

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