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Service: Acer (Full Info Check)

Sample Results:

Model Name: Smartphone Liquid Z410 LiquidZ410
Model Id: 5807 Z410
Category Id: C27S
Warranty Validity Flag: True
Id Warranty: G2C
Warranty Expiry Date: 31/07/2016
Purchase Date: 31/07/2015
Warranty Validity Fore Color: Red
Warranty Validity: Warranty Period expired
Warranty Classification: Out of Warranty
Brand: ACR
Serial Number: xxxxxxxxxx
SNID: xxxxxxxxxx
Warranty Description: 1 Year On Site
Your IMEI check results will be provided to you in full. Consequently, the data are 100% accurate since they come directly from the manufacturer's or carrier's databases.

This is a CHECK service only, not an unlocking service. You must submit your IMEI to an unlock service to have your device unlocked.

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