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How to unlock the iPhone 12 Pro Max?

What is the process that is needed to unlock an iPhone 12 Pro Max?
You do not need a code to unlock the iPhone 12 Pro Max so it can be used on any network. In fact, the original unlock remains on the phone even when restoring or updating the iOS. When using a SIM card that is not for the network it is designed for, the iPhone will not operate. Similarly, if it is locked to a network, the installed SIM must also be for that network.
Once it gets unlocked, it no longer matters, long as it is the correct type of SIM card.
After unlocking, insert the SIM, and it will activate the phone and be ready for using. That’s it, you have successfully unlocked it and made it usable anywhere you choose. The iPhone GSX Network Check can help you figure out the type of network assigned to an iPhone.

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